ECS and Fargate Cheat Sheet

ECS and Fargate Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet is based on the AWS Certified Developer Associate walk through by Andrew Brown. Originally I wrote down the cheat sheet from his presentation. However, I thought maybe others might have a use for the same cheat sheet in a searchable format. I really encourage you to watch his walk through over at YouTube.


  • Elastic Container Service (ECS) is fully-managed container orchestration service. Highly secure, reliable, and scalable way to run containers
  • Components of ECS:
  • Cluster - Multiple EC2 instances which will house the docker containers
  • Task Definition - A JSON file that defines the configuration of (up to 10) containers you want to run
  • Task - Launches containers defined in Task Definition. Tasks do not remain running once the workload is complete
  • Service - Ensures tasks remain running. Used for web apps
  • Container Agent - Binary on each EC2 instance which monitors, starts and stops tasks


  • Elastic Container Registry (ECR) - A fully-managed Docker container registry that makes it easy for developers to store, manage and deploy Docker container images


  • Fargate - is serverless containers. You don't have to worry about servers. Run containers, and pay based on duration and consumption. Fargate properties
  • Fargate has Cold starts so if this is an issue, you should consider ECS instead
  • Duration - As long as you want
  • Memory - Up to 30 GB
  • Pricing - Pay at least 1 min and every additional second


Andrew Brown from ExamPro