How to Push Docker Image to Docker Hub

This is a quick guide on how to push Docker images to Docker Hub.


Pushing Image to Docker Hub

First login to Docker Hub using your username and password when prompted

docker login -u <username>

Build your Docker image

docker -t organization/repo:tag .

In this guide the command is

docker -t devguides/hello-world:latest .

Push image to Docker Hub

docker push devguides/hello-world:latest

Add Additional Tags to Your Docker Image

You often want to include tags like version in addition to the latest tag. To add a version tag you write the following commands:

docker tag devguides/hello-world:latest devguides/hello-world:1.0.0
docker push devguides/hello-world:1.0.0

The commands above will create a version tag called 1.0.0 and push the tag to Docker Hub.

This example project can be found at Docker Hub